Showtime Productions vigorously enters the field of theatrical productions and presents at theater Roes, the show “At the First Moment”, written and directed by Alexis Georgoulis. The stage of theater Roes gets transformed into an apartment, which is where this strange love story takes place in. Nantia Gerasimidou, who’s daydreaming about leaving modelling behind and becoming a famous actress, gets trapped into the house of the conceited and very average writer, Fillipos Petropoulos. Filippos’ apartment turns into a love battle field and a hilarious romantic story begins. At the first moment both sides cave into temptation and in the name of love they reconsider their views on life… Unexpected contact, awkward and comical situations bring our polar opposite characters within each other’s grasp… And that’s when everything can happen… Literally “At the first moment”.


  • Production:
    Showtime Productions
  • Writer:
    Ioannis Halantonis
  • Director:
    Alexis Georgoulis
  • Starring:
    Alexis Georgoulis – Annita Kouli
  • Set Designer/Costume Designer:
    Eleni Stroulia - Zaira Falirea
  • Lighting Designer:
    Sarantos Zourdos
  • Choreographer:
    Kyriakos Kosmidis
  • Original Score, musical arrangement, adaptation and editing of music scores:
    Giorgos Hatzis
  • Assistant Director:
    Fani Georgakopoulou
  • Assistant Set Designer:
    Markela Dervetzi
  • Production Management:
    Giorgos Psaradelis