The film and television production company Showtime Productions, was founded in 2009 by director Pantelis Kalagis with the vision to create Greek productions that can measure up to the foreign ones, both in creativity levels as well as in production values. Its constant goal is to co-produce movies with major production companies from abroad which will be targeted at the international film market. The company, within its first five years of operation, by supporting new directors and aiming to create and project innovative audiovisual plays, produced seven short films, two documentaries, as well as the feature films “A Ship to Palestine”, written and directed by Nikos Koundouros , and “Marionetes” by Pantelis Kalagis. Furthermore, since late 2013 the company began participating in theatrical productions with the play “At the First Moment” which was presented in Athens and in Thessaloniki. Showtime Productions provides services of post-production, authoring, mastering, 3D animation, special effects, storyboard, subtitling as well as complete audio packs such as radio and music productions, overdub and speakage. We aspire to draw young, passionate and creative people into the field of audiovisual media productions with the intent to produce high quality projects which will appeal to and concern a broader audience and will express the current circumstances and needs of the viewer.